Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking Life as It Comes. . . .

I have never been much of a planner. I always deal with things as they come along. Whether good or bad there are just some things we can't prepare for. What I have always made a constant is to instead of getting angry or sad to learn what is trying to be taught/told to me. My very first real serious adult relationship happened when I was 21 years old and I was with someone 17 years older than me. Though tumultuous, fun, sad, and at times down right crazy we stayed together for 8 years. When we broke up I blamed it on everything except for what it actually was.. "time". It was time for us go our separate ways. There was nothing left for us to do. The relationship had reached its point of no return. I was sad, I cried a lot and wondered what if? but it wasn't until I started dating again that I realized how much that relationship taught me, and shaped me as a woman. Guys who may have been able to say certain things to me before were now so transparent or invisible to me. Don't get me wrong I still dated a few jerks, it was just a better class of jerks! Now as a 32 year old Single Woman with a child entering High School I often ask myself. Now what?I love MEN more than I love Cupcakes( yes cupcakes)..HELLO! but I am finding that there is a certain type of man that captures my attention. I have always dated older men, I went through a stage where age didn't matter and although I could party and hang with the 24 year olds in the end It was like having a brand new shiny bike with a flat tire. So now here I am in kind of a unique position although I'm a mom my life isn't over, I am energetic, sweet, sincere, loving, etc.. and have tons of interests...but find myself answering the same date question.. So why are you single? I think from now on instead if saying I don't know I'm going to respond "I'm taking life as it comes.."

The Empress

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